Rohingya Crisis Pt. I

With 600,000 Rohingya's fleeing their homes in the last two months alone, the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas in Myanmar represents one of the worst refugee crises and cases of ethnic cleansing since WWII. Over a series of posts, I want to better investigate this crisis by providing some context to the issue. I expect these …

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Harrow on the hill

Today, Tasha and I visited Harrow on the hill in northwest London. The town had many beautiful brick buildings. The colors and patterns on this building I find particularly nice.

Microgrids: light in a blackout

This post appeared in the September 2017 edition of PV Magazine and can be found in the archive - here. Microgrid development in the US is driven by a microgrid’s ability to operate during blackouts and provide ancillary grid services. As more microgrids emerge within the grid, the clustering of microgrids could transform the centralized grid …

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