Islands of opportunity

Despite being at the highest risk of climate change impacts, island nations are emerging as renewable energy champions. Solar and storage have hit an inflection point against diesel generation offering lower cost, cleaner electricity to island nations.


Mini grids, mega opportunites

Opening new markets: The IEA World Energy Outlook estimates that nearly half of all unelectrified rural areas globally will be most economically served by off-grid minigrids. Throughout much of Southeast Asia, village minigrids are commercially viable. A lack of financing for these projects remains one of the key barriers to seizing this economic opportunity to provide affordable electricity to unelectrified villages.

India’s Dysfunctional Rooftop PV Subsidy

The article below appeared in the August 2014 edition of PV Magazine.  The 30% capital subsidy for rooftop PV has not been disbursed for over 18 months. As long as the dysfunctional subsidy is not removed, customers with projects viable without subsidies will defer installation. On June 12, 2014, the Times of India reported that …

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Distributed PV: primed, but not yet ready to shine

The post below is a copy of the article I wrote in the June 2014 edition of PV Magazine.    On January 2014, the National Energy Administration announced a target of 8 GW of distributed solar PV and 6 GW of utility­-scale PV for 2014. Distributed PV will play an increasingly important role in China’s …

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