Cambodia: Week 18

This week Tasha and I stayed in Bangkok to attend a conference about solar and off-grid renewables in southeast Asia. I reposted an article I wrote about the conference – here.

I didn’t describe Sunday (11/27) in last week’s post as there wasn’t much to report. Tasha and I weren’t feeling well and spent the day at home sleeping and watching Finding Dori, a cute movie. Nithya spent the day visiting a friend’s family and walking around a weekend market.

On Monday, Nithya headed back to Myanmar early in the morning. Tasha and I moved out of the airbnb and went to another airbnb on the far north side of the city near the conference venue.

On Tuesday, the conference got going. The article I wrote describes the content of the conference, so if you’re curious about the content, read the article.

The keynote speaker
The first panel giving a high-level perspective of SE Asia.

On Wednesday, the conference started with a panel on Cambodia.

Cambodia Panel

There were two panels on Myanmar. The first talked about telecoms and off-grid business models, which was more interesting than the more legal-focused second panel.

The first Myanmar panel.
The small exhibition and coffee room.
The other side of the exhibition.

After a rough bus ride to Bangkok last week, the idea of flying seemed pretty appealing. It was more expensive, but in the end worth it ($140 vs. $40 for the bus). We were really close to the airport, too, so that saved us the cost of going back south to the bus station.

After getting up early for our flight on Thursday, we spent the rest of the day resting and working on various things at home.

Friday we were busy with work and watched Star Wars VI while making dinner. Watching the first Star Wars trilogy while making dinner has become a thing over the last few weeks. :) Now that we finished the first trilogy, we’ll see where we go from here.

On Saturday, we ran some errands and had a low-key day.

On Sunday, Tasha hopped on a flight to Singapore in the early afternoon. She is going to a week-long training by the Alliance for Rural Electrification. The training is meant to educate government officials in Asia about ways of tackling energy access issues in their countries. In the evening, I got dinner with a Cambodian friend we had made while visiting Chambok a few weeks ago.

It was a busy and fun week. I do really enjoy conferences, and it was fun to learn more about SE Asian solar market. Next week is our second to last week in Cambodia. I’ll be making my last field visits to the solar pump and trying to wrap up my report and writings for iDE.


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    Interesting that they also have these conferences overseas also. Thanks and time flies. You are likely leaving or getting ready to already.

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