Cambodia: Week 14

After coming back from a wonderful holiday celebrating our six-month anniversary, Tasha and I had a few quieter days in Phnom Penh. I was in the office on Tuesday and Wednesday documenting the results of some of the tests I had performed and also sketching out some of the writing I will do during the rest of my time in Cambodia.

While on the way from iDE’s office to Tasha’s office, I recorded a video. It isn’t anything special but shows that it is like to walk in Phnom Penh.

On Thursday, I headed to Kandal province. On the way, we visited the new building for the Kandal branch office.

A good looking building


A fruit from a tree next to the office


A landlord to pick the fruit is not included

We drove to the greenhouse where the Chinese kale I picked a few weeks ago was transplanted. The kale we picked was too old to be transplanted, so all of it died. They are regrowing the Chinese kale from seedlings.



On the way to the Kandal branch office, I couldn’t resist  getting a video of the rice fields…

…and school children headed home for lunch. Apparently, the school day runs from 7 am to 11 am and then 1pm to 6 pm.

Before taking lunch, a few members of the Kandal office, Sovanntha, and Monorom, the national sales manager, decided to play a poker game called Tien Len, which is the national game of Vietnam. I was lucky to get a pretty decent video of the action.

The restaurant was showing off their prize-fighter. Apparently , cock fights are fairly common.

After lunch, I caught up on some work, while Monorom conducted the monthly branch meeting. We then headed off to Takeo province. One the way we drove past some flooded rice fields. All the land in the two videos below was rice fields. It’s sad to see all that work gone to waste. I’m unsure what could really be done about it, though. Dams can better regulate flooding but also can disrupt the natural ecosystem. Flooding just may be a part of farming life in Cambodia.

The next morning, we visited some vegetable wholesalers in the market to better understand how they could be better served by Lors Thmey.


The video below shows part of the inside area in the market.

Monorom talking to a wholesaler. He used to be the branch manager in Takeo, so has many old friends here.

This is a look outside the market.

After visiting the market and taking lunch at my “favorite” lunch spot serving tripe soup, my “favorite” dish, we headed to the solar pump.

Ain’t it a beauty?

I’ve started using video more to record details while in the field. Below is a video tour of the installation.

What to hear the worst sound ever? It’s the sound of the sunflower pump pumping air.

Over the weekend, Tasha and I visited Orussey Market, which is one of the main, and less touristy market.


There are many moments that I would like to record either through video or a picture, but can’t or feel rude doing. By putting my phone in my front, shirt pocket, I can inconspicuously make recordings. The two videos below are from Tasha and I walking around Orussey market.

After visiting the market, Tasha and I headed to a small movie theater inside a hostel to watch “Hunt for the Wilderpeople“, which was a really fun movie. I would recommend highly recommend it.

On the way to the movie, we saw a Ferrari, which seems wrong for all sorts of reasons.

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